The Daytime High reveals storming new track, "Waterfall"

Hailing from LA in California is  The Daytime High, the band has already released a song on Spotify since forming - titled "Reaper" - and this is the follow-up. "Waterfall" is one of those storming tracks that doesn't hold back from the get-go.
they could be huge some day based on this tune!

It's got one heck of a rip-roaring lead guitar that opens up the track with some pulsating drumbeats, and it's right around when the vocals come in you know that you're in for a good time. 

Vocally it's anthemic with the tones suggesting that the band is aiming to headline major festivals around the world, I mean why would you write something this charging and sing-a-long friendly without expecting to perform to thousands of fans.

The whole undertone of the single is frantic and gives you that urge to nod your head/stomp your foot/tap your hand (I can go on). Now just two singles down the band is getting a name for themselves, and a good one at that - we urge you to give them a follow, they could be huge someday based on this tune!