Anto Dust shares mesmerizing new single, "Black City"

Hailing from Sardinia in Italy is Anto Dust, and "Black City" is their first track of 2023. The new offering also doubles up as a lead track from an original soundtrack for a forthcoming short film, "Blueberry Smoothie".

It's written in collaboration with Tomos Eames and is the type of track that captures your attention right from the get-go. Vocally stunning you're grabbed by the sheer majesty of Tomos' vocals and then shortly after Antonella's charming tones come rolling in.

Charming and mesmerizing!

Musically it's incredibly cinematic with guitars that feel almost as it's reaching the upper atmosphere, it's just mesmerizing when you focus on it. 

Speaking about their approach to music Anto Dust says - "Music can be more than just entertainment, and for us, this means standing for what we believe in. Our music promotes diversity, equality, and sustainability, and we know it deserves to be heard, shared, and loved." It certainly feels like a lot of love was put into this track, so do be sure to give it a listen, and be sure to follow them on their socials.