Atomic Bronco drops dreamy new single, "Fly Away"

They say to never judge a book by it's cover let alone a track by the artists name and song title, but what Atomic Bronco has done here with "Fly Away" is create a big indie-rock track that can take you up into the upper atmosphere.

One of the best rising singer-songwriters not just in Austin but possibly the whole of Texas!

So right away we're already liking what we hear as we half expected it to sound as smooth as this, but "Fly Away" has a delicate balance of dreamy vocals layered on top of smooth percussion and guitars that feels like they've been plucked from the upper stratosphere. 

The track is the fourth to be released since the 2021 seven track strong album "Spectrum" and seems like it's Atomic Bronco is now going for gold with his music. If you're a fan of what you've heard do be sure to check out his other tunes!