Charlotte Morris shares new & latest track, "Tennessee"

Singer-songwriter Charlotte Morris has recently shared her new latest track, "Tennessee". The new offering is her first since the release of her "Good Kind of Hurt" single came out back in June 2022, and it seems like it was worth the wait.

Charming, cinematic, and with plenty of sun-kissed folk moments.

Hailing from Nashville this single is rather obvious why it means a lot to Charlotte. "Tennessee" is very cinematic with some stunning strings added for good measure, all the while helping it get elevated above her previous batch of singles.

A combination of soft vocal tones interwoven with a dreamy mixture of folk and acoustic-pop sensibilities ensures that you'll be humming back the vocal hooks in a matter of moments. 

The new single is the second lifted from her forthcoming album, "Wild Child", and speaking about the latest cit Charlotte mentions - "I wrote it shortly after I moved to Nashville and I think it aptly captures the love I have for this city, as well as nostalgia for the past, and longing for something more. It's a melancholic love song to Nashville, Tennessee, and the southern men I've met along the way."