Emma Hunter reveals cinematic new track, "Morire"

Hailing from the lovely city of Oxford is Emma Hunter with her cinematic new offering, "Morire". The new cut is her first since 2022's outing "Love Is Not a Choice", and my goodness it seemingly has everything possible to be a track that'll leave you wanting more.

Usually, when we see a band/artist tag their music as 'Western' we steer clear, but this time around we took a chance and the outcome was us being blown away.

(C) Jason Warner

"Morire" is a track that sits in at a staggering six minutes long but captivates you at every second. Vocally I'm reminded of The Big Moon's Juliette Jackson with how big and bold they are, with some proper high notes being achieved too. Musically we're sitting in the realms of cinematic wonder, like seriously, I can see this being an intro to a blockbuster flick!

The blend of Americana-Noir tones, classical horns, and tumbling percussion produces a track that'll keep you hooked right until the end, and if you loved this then be sure to follow Emma's journey as we feel there's plenty more of the same coming.