greenhouse brings back the nostalgia with "Finally Over"

 Australian trio greenhouse unveiled their bright and 90s-tinted single the other day. Titled "Finally Over" it kicks off with a warm synth before a crisp brit-pop-sounding guitar comes flowing over, and it's when the tambourine hits you it's time to sit down and enjoy.

"Finally Over" is very melodic, charming, and nostalgic.

Photo credits - Tony Owczarek and Micheal Ormand Robinson

It's a very melodic, charming, and nostalgic single that feels almost as if it was written in the early 90s and just now has been dethawed.

With a single out already in 2023 the band are not slowing down and it sounds like they're building some hype for their next release. Mixed by Dylan Adams (who's worked with DMA's) the single won us over from the get-go, so be sure to fall in love with it too below!