Lewis Knaggs shares tender new single, "My Father"

Lewis Knaggs earlier in March shared his incredibly tender new single, "My Father", and you need to get your tissues as this is a heartbreakingly beautiful song.

The song is dedicated to Lewis' father who sadly passed away recently and is one of the strongest songs that Lewis has made to date. Perhaps it's his evolution as an artist or how much he loved his father, but regardless it makes me want to cry in places it's so beautiful.
The track makes me want to cry in places it's so beautiful.

Speaking about the new song Lewis says - "It is a picture book of moments with him from the past and my formative years. From my first memory of him holding my hand crossing the road. To coming to terms with his passing. We all lose those we love eventually, one way or another. It’s deeply sad and confusing. But the memories we keep of them and their contribution to our lives live on in us. Long live the memory of Christopher Knaggs, the legend ❤️"

The tones of the guitars here just seem so flawless and with the stripped back approach you can just hear how emotive and soulful the track is. There's much more stunning songs just like this on his Spotify, so please do be sure to head over there and enjoy everything he has to offer!