Rauly shares upbeat new tune, "Lost It"

Having seemingly broken onto the scene back in 2022, Rauly has embedded himself into the online emo scene and with now with clear over half a million it's clear that the California-based artist means business.
The new single is confirming he's heading for stardom!

Literally as soon as you dive right in the track has a high tempo that'll bring even the most cautious listener in, and here the drumbeat reminds me a lot of Two Door Cinema Club . It's high octane throughout and with the post-punk guitar that's highly rooted in the song shining very brightly it feels like a 00's Indie-Rock anthem with a modern emo-twist.

Rauly is quickly becoming one hotly tipped artist, and certainly with new tunes such as "Lost It" and it's predecessor "Wait For You" almost confirming he's heading for stardom!