Windows unveils upbeat new track, "High Sierra Lows"

Windows is the brainchild of California-based musician Matteo Arias and "High Sierra Lows" is the first single from the outfit in 2023. Since starting out the project has developed into a full on band, now a quintet.
A kaleidoscope of genres with plenty of sun-kissed instruments and hazy vocals. 

The track we're focusing on today as mentioned earlier is "High Sierra Lows" which is a mash-up of a few genres. We've got fast-paced drums found in modern day Indie-Rock anthems, twanging guitars you'd expect to find in Western-style tracks and vocals that are as warm as the California sun.

"High Sierra Lows" is an incredibly upbeat track, and even is this is not your 'go to' style of music you'll still end up finding your body moving along to the tempo. The best thing is that as this band is still fresh out of the blocks there is now lots of music by the band waiting to be released, so do be sure to follow them on Spotify so you don't miss any more modern classics like this!