Winter Hell drops dark (and yet dreamy) new track, "Blood of Love"

Coming out of South Dakota is Winter Hell, and recently the trip has revealed their debut EP. Titled "An Exercise in Joy" it's a collection of dreamy songs, and one of those songs is the stand-out cut  "Blood of Love". 

Equally dark and dreamy, a track to get properly lost in.

It's a fantastic track that offers the listener with some throwback sounds to the peak of the 80s, with dark (and yet dreamy) vocals, shimmering guitar tones draped over a drumbeat that feels as if it doesn't want to let you go.

It's in equal measures dark and dreamy, I almost feel like it can soundtrack my nightmares of running in a forest away from a beast. If you like the sound of this tune then do be sure to head over to Spotify to give the rest of the EP a listen!