Deltawelle drop energetic new track, "Repetition"

With their first track of the year already released - the fantastically titled "Normalitastvermessung" - Deltawelle are back with their new offering, "Repetition". It's not the first time that we've featured the German band on the website, and if you've not heard them yet then please strap in.

It' an infectious sound with the cascading synths and throbbing bass.

The track was recorded live at Gold Watch Studios in Berlin and right from the outset you can already hear their infectious sound with the cascading synths and bass throbbing in your ears. It then gives way to a vibrant guitar and tangy-sounding synth to add depth to the proceedings.

Vocally we're reminded of The Smiths mixed with Franz Ferdinand, it's punchy and direct with lots of vocal hooks to grab your attention in a heartbeat.

This, of course, highlights exactly how much of an exciting prospect they are in the live setting, and if you ever find yourself in Germany do be sure to check out if they're playing near you - if I saw they were performing I'd go in a nano-second!