Distance To Empty shares pulsating debut single, "Undoing"

Hailing from Stamford is Distance To Empty, and recently they have shared their pulsating debut single, "Undoing". Speaking about the song Matthew mentions - "This is a sad song about that final, emotionally charged meeting during a breakup, when everything is unravelling. "
A great slice of dream-pop mixed with pulsating synths.

Distance to Empty is the solo project of Matthew James Moore, a singer-songwriter and a producer, but this isn't his first dip of the toe into the scene as with previous songs he's been involved with have seen them get played all over the BBC.

The new single comes in two versions, 'Electro' and an 'Acoustic' version, and it's the electro one we're focusing on today. As it kicks off it's got this thick synth opening it up, in some ways reminding me of New Order, before his airy vocals come in and it then this is when it gets dreamy.

The track has such a strong opening you'll find yourself staying to the end, and you'll certainly be rewarded with a truly ethereal and dream-pop come synth-pop tune.