‪Elad David‬‏ shares tender new release, "TEARDROPS"

 Coming out of Israel is ‪Elad David‬‏, and just a over a week ago saw the artist share his tender new single, "TEARDROPS".

It's an incredibly warm and uplifting track mixed with folk and acoustic elements.

Entirely instrumental what you have here is a track that is still (to me at least) to be considered as a song, as instead of vocals we have pan-pipes and charming droplets of guitars as the backing vocals. The general feel of the song is wholesome from the get-go and is incredibly warm, with some tones that wouldn't sound out of place in The Beatles back-catalogue.

"TEARDROPS" is one of those releases that may seem overwhelming for the lack of vocals, but as I mentioned before you hardly notice it as there's so much going on. It's an incredibly uplifting track that you'll be hard-pressed to find it not sliding into your playlists!