Emker Cel shares brooding and bold new single, "Death Of Dreams"

Coming out of the North West of England is Barrow's Emker Cel with their big and bold new offering "Death of Dreams". The crackles and haunting elements in the intro really help to build a picture of what's to come, and I tell you that when the drums and bass come in it feels almost like a Burial or Four Tet track. 
Deep, brooding and very bold!

It's unapologetically huge and bold with delicate synths and organic percussion added in to balance it all off, and when the soothing vocals come rolling over it takes you back in time almost to the mid-90s baggy scene in Manchester.

With two albums and a string of singles behind them since the beginning of this project, it's clear that Emker Cel prefers quality over quantity, and "Death of Dreams" sounds like it can work its way into plenty of hearts, and at under four minutes long, it's got plenty of potential to be stuck on repeat without the listener getting bored.