Kingdom Calm unveils crisp new tune, "In My Mind"

Since releasing their first slice of music back in 2021 Kingdom Calm has not slowed down one bit, fast-forward to now and they've released a quintet of tunes with the latest being "In My Mind".

The new cut literally jumps right down your ears with a big guitar and some drums that'll get anyone with a heartbeat bopping along to it. As soon as the vocals come rolling in you're left with a feeling that you've been taken back a few decades, it's got a fantastic early 2000s indie-rock tone to it.

Plenty of swagger and early 2000s throwback tones.

Speaking about the track the band says - "It was born from a writing weekend we did on a farm belonging to our Bassist's cousin in western New South Wales. We had just watched an old prison movie that night after a full day's rehearsal and when we woke up the next morning, our drummer had come up with some lyrics for a song about being trapped in a prison-of-the-mind thinking, on rotation, about the criminality of regret and doing "too much time" figuring out why life isn't where you think it should be."

Plenty of swagger follows, with the bassline dominating proceedings thereafter, and with the band getting a name for them on the Sydney music scene it'll be no time before they're performing all over New South Wales and beyond.