Masashi releases dreamy new banger, "Goodbye"

Japanese artist Masashi has recently released his dreamy new banger, "Goodbye". The latest track is his second single release of the year following on from his equally smooth "Akitsu" release in February.

The Hiroshima musician is one of the select few Japanese artists that seems to be breaking out of the land of the rising sun, and with "Goodbye" now out we feel like this could be the track to get Masashi plenty of recognition.

If you love your laid-back indie-pop then you need to get Masashi in your life!

The intro of the song is dreamy with synths flowing all over it, a warm and simplistic guitar backing it up before his vocals come gently in. It's when the drumbeat comes in the tempo picks up, and it's not long after when those bouncy Foals-like guitars come in and we know this is a track we're going to love.

As "Goodbye" continues we're left confirming our beliefs, it's just a downright funky dream-pop track with plenty of danceable indie-rock moments. Speaking about the track Masashi mentions - "I was thinking of farewells and human relationships around the time I was writing this track. Love, friendship, death and just general farewells, there’re so many types of goodbyes. They’re mostly heartbreaking but also can be elements that enrich our lives. And you can realize how precious it is to meet people at a certain time and place where it wouldn’t have happened in a different situation."

The single was self-written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered - even more reasons to love this emerging Japanese artist! If you love your laid-back indie-pop then you need to get Masashi in your life!