rx1f unveils shimmering new bop, "Easter Island"

The fantastic rx1f just last week shared their vibrant new single, "Easter Island", and is just the fifth since the project launched back in 2022.

The track opens up with this sheen of optimism with a bouncy synth that almost acts as the vocals, guiding you towards the main attraction. Once the first verse comes in it feel like a spacey electro-pop song with some delicious tropical flavours added to it.

Addictive electro-pop with a lo-fi undertone.

If this song was a soda it would be a Sunkist grape, perfect for the summer over ice and with the sun-rays beaming into your face. The atmosphere is is so warm and inviting, it's no wonder that rx1f has been steadily growing his fanbase release-by-release.

Speaking about the new tune he says - "This song is the next step in my long-term plan to mention places that I want to visit in songs in the hope that somebody buys me a plane ticket," he continues. "I've been writing weirdo space-pop stuff for a while so it was refreshing to write something that is much more grounded. The sound is kind of hi-fi chiptune."

It's certainly addictive, and if you like is as much as we did be sure to drop rx1f a follow on the socials and Spotify!