The Histrionics shares crunching new tune, "Downturn"

Hailing out of Louisville, Kentucky is The Histrionics with their monstrous new track, "Downturn", which is lifted off their brand new album just last month.

Sitting in at two and a half minutes long they pack a lot into the track, and instantly as it kicks off you've got this crunching bassline combined with soaring riffs. 

Crunching bass with soaring grunge riffs.

Vocally it's deep baby, just deep, reminding me of early grunge tunes mixed with hazy rock notes that you can light a blaze up to. I can easily imagine this track being performed to a tent at a festival, all smoked out with machines and belting out lights while the crowd loses it.

It's clear that The Histrionics new album is a solid bet, and with "Downturn" sitting pretty in the middle of it all we're definitely going to be giving it a spin- and you should too!