ŁUКΞ drops dreamy and charged new track, "Divine"

ŁUКΞ (pronounced either Luke or Łuke) just this Friday released his sublime new track, "Divine". The new offering comes in a long line of releases on his Soundcloud page (65 in total with remixes and mixes included) but what we face here is his calling card, his breakout track, the best yet!

It sounds like this could be his breakout track, so keep an eye on this rising producer!

The start of the song is just so dreamy, charged with electronic sounds it paints a picture of being elevated through clouds and when the main beat comes in it's almost as if the warm sunlight kisses your face.

At just 22 years old this rising German producer is certainly on the road to glory, he's got this somewhat energetic vibe to him while simultaneously keeping it dreamy and chilled. Usually, we don't dabble in the EDM end of the electro-pop spectrum but Luke and "Divine" has turned us from a hesitant listener into a fan within the space of the four-minute runtime.

If you like this then you need to head to his Soundcloud and sink your teeth into all of what he's got to offer, be sure to also check out "Be with you" if you like your more upbeat tunes!