9 o'clock Nasty return with angular new cut, "Mood Is Low"

Leicester-based local legends 9 o'clock Nasty have returned with their brand new single, "Mood Is Low", which is their seventh release (including remixes)on Spotify this year already. 

It's more of the same urgent and direct angular-punk-rock tones that has got them so much attention, it's just why would you change a formula that is clearly working.
9 o'clock Nasty hold the hype and are running away with it!

Vocally it's charging and is clear enough that you can quite quickly learn the lyrics and chant along even in the second spin of the track - much like we were doing. The band is doing a fantastic with keeping themselves relevant online, and with much more in the pipeline they can easily end the year with over half a million Spotify plays, it's like Thanos, inevitable.
The track is out now, and expect much more to come from this act in the coming months!