Amelie Patterson shares soothing new single, "The War"

Coming out of Calgary, Alberta in the stunning country of Canada is Amelie Patterson and her latest single, "The War", is one that'll grip you from the get-go.

Having had a quick look on the internet we found that this track dates back to 2017 and since then it seems like Amelie has worked hard to refine the track to what you hear before yourself today. 
...  it's simply mesmerizing! 

Vocally I'm reminded about Dido in places with how soulful and heartwarming her tones are. Instrumentally we're treated to delicate finger-picking guitars and soaring strings interwoven with licks of bass that can warm the cockles of your heart.

Since the track has been released (just a month ago) it's got over 10k plays on Spotify alone, with Amelie finding herself in a fair few playlists too - almost confirming once more how everyone can easily get into her music thanks to how stunning it sounds.

Beauty is hard to come by these days in music, yes some have moments of majesty but it's rare to find a track that can hold my attention so well on every level, so please do head on down to check out Amelie Patterson's new track it's simply mesmerizing!