Blackout The Arcade return with upbeat new single, "Side-by-Side"

Coming out of Newcastle in England is Blackout The Arcade, and after two strong singles back in 2020 the band has sensationally returned with their new effort, "Side-by-Side".
"Side-by-Side" is  just pure, raw and outright indie-rock charm.

The upbeat new single is one that can get your attention from the outset, there's a playful guitar looping over some foot-stomping drumbeats with some vocals that you can compare to the likes of early Alex Turner or even more recent acts like The Reytons.

In the chorus the track comes to life and it's here when we found ourselves clicking that 'like' button on Spotify! It's the no-nonsense approach that the band has taken here is what we feel like that got our attention, just pure, raw and outright indie-rock charm