Blake Havard unveils Country-tinted new tune, "You Make It Right"

Hailing from Vancouver in Canada is Blake Havard and his latest track, "You Make It Right", which is his first tune to be released this year.
"You Make It Right" is a melting point for multiple American genres, it's got something for everybody!

The track kicks off with this strong and commanding guitar-tone before Blake's vocals come rolling in. It's one of those upbeat rock tunes that has plenty of vibes that you can really sink your teeth into. The chorus especially is somewhat more Country/Americana leaning, but that's why we love it as in "You Make It Right" it seems like there's a melting pot of genres.

If you enjoyed the sound of Blake Havard and "You make It Right" then be sure to stop by his Soundcloud page where there's over 20 tracks of his all ready to be given a spun, it's got something for everybody!