commander commander shares infectious new tune, "off-white glove"

New York City is home to plenty of great musicians and bands, and you can now add commander commander to that list. With clear of 25k monthly listeners on Spotify this is not an overnight success but rather a labour of love since their 2017 EP "Phase". Since then he's gone to get over 100k plays on the streaming platforms, and after hearing his new single you can see easily why!

... psychadelic tinted with licks of hazy surf-pop.

"off-white glove" kicks off with a warm guitar tones that's wrapped up in a sticky-sounding reverb effect and it's here that we start to enjoy the track. Once the vocals come in all hazy and melodic we're more on board, and as the track progresses more layers are added, and much like a lasagna it's better with layers.

The addition of a synthy number and more bass is highly welcomed and adds even more things to like about this track. It's somewhat psychadelic in places with plenty of hazy surf-pop tones rolled in for good measure.

Speaking about the sound of track commander commander mentions - "bedroom loner pop loser stoner idiot never does anything right moron rock."