Draumr unveils dreamy new track, "In A Daze"

French artist Draumr just the other day released his funky disco anthem "In A Daze", and I have to admit right away that I vibed so hard to this track when I first heard it.

Let me set the mood, after a couple of beers on a Friday night I was sitting in my house with the sun just below the horizon and a warm orange glow lighting up my living room. I saw this track sitting in my inbox and thought to give it a go, I did not regret it one bit.
Hypnotic, addictive and basically just sensational!

The sexy as anything bassline that opens up the song almost grabbed my attention and the shimmering synth tones that followed hooked me like a hungry fish on a line. The vocals on this only enhances the mood of the track, very ethereal and soft but with enough oomph to get your head bopping.

Hypnotic, addictive and basically just sensational - you need this track in your life right now, so go head down below and check out the visuals for "In A Daze", and thank us later!