Nico Son shares relaxing and captivating new single, "One Love"

Hailing from the ever-amazing city of Nashville, TN is a rising singer-songwriter who has been making waves as of late. Nico Son is that artist and he's just recently released his brand new single, "One Love", which is only his second-ever release.
It's a perfect track for a night-time drive and even a cozy evening beside the fireplace!

It's a masterclass of how to finger-pick a guitar, and it's one of the most prominent elements of the track (apart from his vocals) which helps to create this incredibly warm undertone. As mentioned, the vocals are some of the finest we've ever heard in this genre, a blend of Ben Howard and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

It's a perfect track for a night-time drive, a cozy evening beside the fireplace and with some somewhat psychy tones too perfect for general relaxing. So do be sure to head down below and fall in love with Nico Son