Poison Oak share smooth and laid back new cut, "Therapy"

With a string of releases since they formed back in 2019 Poison Oak have been on a steady rise, and this week saw the Aussie band share their new single "Therapy".
A perfect mix of laid-back 90s rock with some chunky 2000s sounds mixed in too, much like Pixies verses Pavement.

The new single leans on their previous sound, and if it's not broken don't fix it! The Queensland band are known for their smooth blend of arty-rock tones and laid back stoner rock, and "Therapy" is the type of tune you can stick on, lay back and just enjoy with a crisp beer on a warm evening.

The tempo of the track is perfect, it's well mixed and you will easily find yourself singing-along to this track in no time. With playlisting on Spotify on official editorial playlists and multiple appearances in magazines all over the world the word is slowly getting out about them.