Porchlight unveils their urgent new tune, "Noel"

Nearly a year on from their last studio single, "Silver Spoon", was released mid-June of 2022 the Brighton-based band Porchlight are back with the frankly charming new single, "Noel".

Coming in at close to five minutes long the quintet take you on a ride of everything they're about. The intro is a dreamy one with hazy guitars kicking things off before the drumbeat hits and those urgent vocals come charging in.

... it's incredibly addictive!

There's some delightful angular tones thrown all over this track, with some comparisons being drawn to them against the likes of Art Brut and The Kooks with the tempo of the song giving me big late-2000's indie scene throwbacks.

"Noel" straddles the line of punk, indie-rock and art-rock, but one thing is evident through the duration of the track... it's incredibly addictive!