Soda Cracker Jesus unveils big new single, "Space Boy"

Yesterday saw the release of Soda Cracker Jesus drop their vibrant new tune, "Space Boy". The new single is their first on over a year and is a fine return to the form that saw them go somewhat viral with their single "Kaleidoscope" back in 2021.

Equal parts of rock and glamorous synth tones.

Hailing from Tacoma, WA the singer-songwriter's new track is very glam with vocals that remind me of the edgier David Bowie in places. Instrumentally it's quite synthy with a very dominant synth commanding proceedings in the chorus especially, hazy vocals compliment the big and bold guitars rather well and it's in he latter half that the synth-come-rock track comes to life.

With plays on radio all over the world, a placement on a huge Spotify playlist and even charting on the Radio Indie Alliance Charts, it's all coming together for this Washington state-based artist.