Tara MacLean shares her powerful new track, "That's Me"

It's not every day you get an Award winning songwriter debuting her new track, and just yesterday saw Tara MacLean reveal her smooth and dreamy new pop tune, "That's Me". Tara has been backed by the likes of Dido, and considering they both reside within the same set of genres that must be a big tick for Canadian singer-songwriter. 
Vocally mesmerizing and musically stunning.

So, the new tune is "That's Me" and comes backed with the official music video - see below. The single itself is very vocally driven with Tara's strong and soaring tones adorning it throughout, you can see why even the likes of Dido have supported her. Musically it's rather cinematic with the strings especially in the first half as it helps to elevate it from the get-go.

The single is lifted from her seventh solo studio album, "Sparrow", which is out now.