The Amber List unveils nostalgic new single, "Red Lines and Promises"

Preston-based The Amber List just a few weeks ago released their new single, "Red Lines and Promises", which acts as their first single of 2023 following on from a three-track acoustic release.

The new offering is a re-recording of the 2021 track of the same name, but this time around it feels more punchy if you ask me.

Pure nostalgic tones flowing throughout.

The sounds they behold gives me strong Oasis and The Charlatans with the jangly guitars, Northern vocals with a nasally sound and some punchy drum fills. If you closed your eyes and listened to this song without reading this review you'd almost feel as if they were from the peak of the Britpop scene in the 1990s.

Speaking about the track they say - "... "Red Lines" underneath lies an anger at injustice, no justice and missed opportunities stemming back to the terrible murder of Jo Cox, a Labour M.P." The song is pure nostalgia with the tones flowing throughout, we love it and you should definitely give it a spin if you want some brit-pop vibes in your life.