Vassilis shares his new single, "Are You Ready To Move On?"

Manchester singer-songwriter Vassilis has just earlier this month shared his new single, "Are You Ready To Move On?". The upbeat new single has a brilliant violin kicking things off, helping to get your attention from the get-go, it reminds me somewhat of The Verve in places. 

... a brooding mix of moody tones and mesmorising strings all mixed to perfection.

Vocally what we have here is a brooding mix of moody tones with him being effortlessly able to hold a note, it's just mesmorising at times. Speaking about the song Vassilis says -  "The song is arranged and produced by myself, with the instrumentation including guitars, vocals and sampled instruments, such as cello and piano."

Vassilis is one of those artists who can do it all themselves, and all the while manage to create something truly beautiful. The track is about the unpredictability of life, and before this track we didn't know anything about him or his music, and all it took was one moment and his music is with us forever. So do please be sure to check out Vassilis and his music, trust me!