Amya-Ray shares her new single, "Old Man"

Brighton singer-songwriter Amya-Ray yesterday shared her electronically charged new single, "Old Man". Technically this is a remix of the single - titled "Electrohead Remix"- but it's the first time this track is being released via Spotify.
Mindblowing on the first listen, dream-pop mixed with trip-hop elements and chillwave, a real blend of genres.

As such, the first time we heard this track and we were blown away. It's a blend of night-time soundscapes with equally as dreamy vocals taking over your speakers/headphones. Vocally it's incredibly strong and highlights Amya'ray's prowess, with the notes being hit rivaling the very best in this genre.

The remix nature of the track has given this a great tempo, one you can easily rap over as it's got that perfect bpm flowing through it. I can easily see "Old Man (Electrohed Remix)" is one of Amya-Ray's all-time top tracks, just be sure to delve into this track in the depths of night, and you'll thank yourself!