Carley Varley shares epic new single, "ENVY"

Winchester's Carley Varley is back with her brand new single, "ENVY", which is her third release of the year. It's the type of pop/rock song that leans towards the ballad side of the spectrum, and with the intro being almost calming it's a real draw for a new listener. 

Carley's vocals at their very finest

The single reminds me of a slower Paramore track, especially with her vocal range and how powerful the track is. I'd have to say that this is Carley's vocals at their very finest, and the fact that the instruments are more stripped back on this one further enhances the experience.

Speaking about the track Carley mentions - " ... "Envy" tells a story of jealousy and expresses the confusion musically and lyrically as to why artists can't encourage one another. "