Danny Arcane drops bold new single, "No Remorse"

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles on the West Coast of the USA is Danny Arcane, and just the other day saw the singer-songwriter is back and he dropped his bold new single, "No Remorse". With an incredibly thick guitar tone opening it up you get hit with this bold and dark surf tone from the get-go, which just sets the tone for the rest of the track.
Sun-kissed guitars and a hazy undertone, this really hits the spot!

Followed shortly after is Danny's warm and captivating vocals, somewhat rough but in the right places and I have to admit this hit the spot on Summer's day in Europe. He really captured the sun-kissed sound and will easily be able to be slotted into your playlists without a second thought.

With this being his fifth single since he started releasing music back in 2016 there are certainly more tunes of his to listen to if you love this (just like we did), he's onwards and upwards and it's sounding like a matter of time before thousands of people will know his name,