Huw and the Greater Good unveils "Life's Caving In"

With their previous single "Stupid Boy" released earlier in the year Huw and the Greater Good have today unveiled the high-octane new tune "Life's Caving In".

It's great to see the Manchester-based band now slowing down one bit as this song literally throws you into the deep end of their sound with a wonderful bunch of melodies, fast drums, and breezy guitars opening up the tune.

"Life's Caving In" is mesmerising, get on board while you can!

Imagine if The Vaccines decided to take the tempo up a notch and mix their sound with more of a surf vibe, then you'll be close to how Huw and the Greater Good's latest offering sounds like - but with more spice it seems.

The track also acts as the longest one they've released to date, but with the sound they now behold we wouldn't be annoyed if this song went on for 10+ minutes, it's mesmerising.