Kid Apollo reveals soaring new indie-pop tune, "Long Time Coming"

Right out of the north of the island of Ireland is Kid Apollo with his electrifying new single "Long Time Coming". The new cut is his second of the year and carries on with the hype of his previous tune "Melancholy Operator" and has seen him already get picked up by several Spotify curators along the way.

... it's a charming example of bright-toned indie-pop music

As you play "Long Time Coming" there's one thing that hits you from the outset, a fantastically warm synth tone that brings back memories to me of 2006 when there was a plethora of under-rated bands on MySpace. The fact that this song has brought back so many good memories is wonderful, and if you're not nostalgic about 2006 MySpace bands then you'll be sure to like this too as it's a charming example of bright-toned indie-pop music.