Love Me My Alien reveals nostalgic sounding new single, "Stay Here Forever"

Philiadelphia-based Love Me My Alien last week revealed their nostalgic sounding new single, "Stay Here Forever".The single acts as the third track in their debut EP, and is a key song if you want to give this band's music a go.

Full of charm and nuggets of 90s nostalgia

"Stay Here Forever" to me reminds me of early 90s rock blended with the charm of Weezer and nuggets of Britpop to give it that nostalgic tone that will resonate with anyone who was a teen in the 1990s - what a decade!

Vocally it's a very strong track and isn't buried beneath the music, all perfectly mixed and it ensures that you'll be able to sing along to it in a matter of no time. If you like what you hear then be sure to check out the rest of the EP over on their Spotify page!