Rising star Jack Pavlina releases new single, "Bite Hard"

Hailing from the USA is rising singer-songwriter Jack Pavlinaand earlier this month saw the American release his new single, "Bite Hard". Since the release of his debut single "EmotionArcade" back in 2020 his sound has evolved from acoustic to what you hear before yourself today. 

... filled with aboslute swagger.

Speaking about the song Jack mentions - "Music is my drug, I live for the feeling of creating beautiful music that describes my life."

The new tune bookends the journey he has been on since his first track came out and it even incorporates his earlier sounds with some acoustic guitars heard in the background. "Bite Hard" actually opens up with an auto-tuned vocal line with some very sparse drum beats before turning into something that sounds almost like a backing track for a rap tune.

It's a fantastic blend of his earlier sounds, rap beats, and electronics and it's filled with absolute swagger. If you like this then do be sore to check out his new album which this song is lifted from.