SERENA shares strong new tune, "Lipstick On a Glass"

Coming out of London is a SERENA, a singer, songwriter, and producer who's got an ear for some slick beats and stunning vocals too. Her new single is "Lipstick On a Glass" and is her first outing since she released "Heartworm" back in 2022.
A dark-pop track with hints of 90s rap (and it certainly works!)

As soon as you start listening to the new single you're met with this weird and somewhat 90s-sounding synth tone that feels lifted from West Coast rap, it's a big waft of nostalgia but the track is far from that genre.

Her vocals give the track a rather dark undertone with the crisp percussion giving the track an upbeat tone to groove to. With not just the English language represented here (I think it's Italian) it's even got a sexy kinda attitude to it all.

Speaking about the single SERENA mentions - "Let me take you through a self-reflective yet ironic journey about self-empowerment, served with a side of camp."