ST. NIKLAS reveals new single, "comfy" featuring DØSSI

Norweigan act ST. NIKLAS a few days ago revealed their brand new single, "comfy". The new song sees them featuring DØSSI on the track and it may just see them get over the two million play mark on their Spotify page.
Dreamy and captivating. 

The new single is their first bit of music since the Oslo outfit released their EP back in 2020. The delicate balance of those boy/girl vocals reminds me of the harmonies that Oh Wonder has, which is a tremendous sound if you can pull it off.

Instrumentally it's very airy with some cracking moments of percussion that help bring it to life. It's very organic and with that brings warmth, I can't put my finger on it but perhaps it's the soaring synths in the background that brings it all together.

Speaking about the song ST. NIKLAS mentions - "The song is the very manifestation that you're in a sort of wasteland in your relationship, or life in general, and it's time to get out of the Matrix."