about-faces unveils debut single, "Under the Sun"

Bursting out from the Leeds music scene is a fresh new band, about-faces, and yesterday saw the band unveil their debut single, "Under the Sun".

Speaking about the single the band says - "The song delves into a relationship that once blossomed but now lies in decay, plagued by neglect."
Incredibly alluring and powerful, what a debut!

The first track to be released from the quintet is a smooth affair with soft vocals rolling over the track from the get-go, they're boy/girl vocals that intertwine with one another and are just delicately perfect.
As the track progresses it gets more urgent, soaring synths are added, shortly followed by a guitar riff that can easily work its way deep into your brain.

It's an incredibly alluring track and soon after the track is over you will be more than likely to head to their socials so you don't miss further releases - just like us!