Alex Klb drops retro new track, "Etude in Synth Tones"

Welcome to the 1980s, yes it most certainly feels like that when you listen to Alex Klb's new track, "Etude in Synth Tones". Right from the get-go you're presented with multiple layers of synths, and I get a big whiff of "Nightcall" by Kavinsky with these thick bassy tones. 

Perfect for a late-night work-out or to daydream to, if you need thick synths then give this a play!

It's incredibly nostalgic, but with the production levels that can easily get you cranking it up during a workout session. The track kind of says what it's about, with synths being the only instrument it seems on the track - even the drums have a synth-come-electro sheen about it.