Call To The Void shares debut single, "Uncontrollable"

Coming out of London, UK is Call To The Void and the other day saw the quartet share their brand new single, "Uncontrollable", and it's not just that as it's their debut outing!

Now for the first single of any band, it's usually everything they're about as it's seen as an introduction to their sound.

A feisty blend of garage-rock and grunge.

"Uncontrollable" is a feisty slice of garage-rock with vocals that reminds me a lot of the band that was at their peak in the 1980s such as The Cure, but when the chorus comes it's deeper and more Nirvava grunge than anything else.

The track is mixed rather well with a chiming guitar tone heard throughout giving a glimpse of sunshine to the listener even though the track is more of a darker kind.