Eleanor Kelly reveals new single, "Call My Name"

Out as of today is New York-based Eleanor Kelly's brand new single, "Call My Name", which is her third outing of the year following on from her debut single "Let The Stars (Wash It All Away)" and "Daisy Chain".

Powerful indie-rock with equally as strong vocals.

The light and synthy sound hit you immediately as then you're faced with this dominant guitar tone that honestly breathes even more life into the track. Personally, I'm reminded of Klaxons here with the intertwining guitar sounds and the subtle electronics whirling away.

Speaking about the song Eleanor says - "A year ago, I created a few short synth riffs and forgot about them. When I came across them again, I knew exactly how I needed to use them and what sentiment the song would have, all coming together with lyrics I wrote about the end of my relationship. All recorded in my bedroom, I ended up with a fierce, gut-wrenching, song, that I found myself and others still wanted to dance to, a way to celebrate the pain away. "

Vocally Eleanor is strong and held my attention from the very second she uttered a word. "Call My Name" is a fantastic slice of Eleanor Kelly's rock-side, and if the next batch of tunes is as good as this then she will be definitely going places.