Jen Lush reveals new offering, "Icon - song 1"

Australian singer-songwriter Jen Lush last month revealed her new offering, "Icon - song 1", which acts as her second outing of the year. It's been a great rise for the Eden Hills artist since the release of her debut album back in 2017, and this new song comes in a long line of captivating tracks.

Incredibly captivating in every single way.

The acoustic track has almost been charged with an infusion of folk elements and atmospherically soaring dream-pop guitars. Her vocals are clearly the highlight of the track for me, almost gripping me from the very first letter muttered, they're perfectly balanced between soft and direct.

"Icon - song 1" sounds like her previous tracks all wrapped up into one cohesive experience, it's an absolute dream and we loved every second, just be sure to turn the volume up to maximise your experience.