Lip Nicky unveils their alt-pop debut single, "Monday"

South Carolina's Lip Nicky earlier this month unveiled their alt-pop debut single, "Monday", and my goodness is it one of those cuts that get you grooving right from the outset.

A short and yet sweet two-minute lo-fi alt-pop gem.

Vocally it's lo-fi with a slight haze drizzled over it, and the feels you get when they come rolling in is one of a summer evening relaxing with your mates. It doesn't stop there, as the slower tempo gives you time to truly appreciate how much of an absolute jam this is.

Thick basslines and those jangly guitars is what eventually won me over, and the fact that this is a two-minute banger means we played this on loop for ten minutes - and I have to admit we loved every second of it too!