Patryk Kania shares new single, "Gin Mill Club"

Emerging from rural Poland-and now based out of Belfast, UK - is Patryk Kania with his brand new single, "Gin Mill Club". The new release was written by Patryk and produced by hit long-time collaborator Kevin Buster (who hails out of Florida in the USA), with the new single being his second of 2023 following on from "Pearls".
... a dark-pop track with plenty of brooding tones.

"Gin Mill Club" has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about it, and as soon as you delve into the track you're hit with this thick and groovy blend of synths and bass. Following swiftly on from that intro there's a big nostalgic vocal tone that reminds me of peak Pet Shop Boys.

The new cut is the title track of Patryk’s debut full-length album which will be released in 2023 and showcases what it could all sound like. It's very 80s-pop and seductive, a dark-pop track with plenty of brooding tones.