Rising quartet, Petrol, drop new tune "Pyle On"

Rising out of Philadelphia is a new quartet, Petrol, and they've recently dropped their bold new tune "Pyle On".

... a frantic and hook-laden track

Named after a combustible fuel the band is equally as hazardous as you'll easily find yourself getting yourself all busy when you're listening to this cut. It's downright dirty and fuzzy, with a charming guitar enticing you in before it erupts like a blaze.

I will now refrain from using fire metaphors in the review but when a track gets me all this worked up and gets my feet-tapping this crazy I can't help but speculate how energetic their live shows are.

It's clearly a frantic and hook-laden track, and even though it sits in at just 102 seconds long it has a lasting impression on us, you'll find yourself giving this a lot of plays if you like your rock anthems for sure.