San Quentin releases anthemic new single, "Serotonin"

Essex-based San Quentin late last month released their brand new single, "Serotonin", with three tracks making up the release, the title track, and two b-sides made up of their previous releases - so it's right old release to get your teeth sunk into.

... direct vocals with great sing-a-long potential.

It's clear from the outset that "Serotonin" is an anthemic indie-rock tune with major festival mosh-pit vibes. The vocal direction here reminds me of a blend of Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Reytons, with direct vocals with great sing-a-long potential.

Laden with plenty of guitar hooks, booming bass, and frantic drum fills it's a track that can easily send you down the rabbit hole of checking out their other tunes - not bad for a band who's been releasing music for just a slither less than two years.